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          Enterprise operation

          • "Subversive Marketing: Business Revolution in the Big D

            Various marketing methods have long been dazzling, but the essence is to study customers (consumers), research the needs and needs of customers, and make products or services targeted. The era of big data has given it a new term: precision marketing. The first areas where big data is applied are mostly for the customer...

            2018-12-20 273

          • How to value fans in the age of social media?

            John Quilch says that social media has many marketing challenges, and how to value fans is a big problem. From the marketing point of view, we should pay attention to strong ties and weak ties. You may think that strong bonds have the greatest marketing impact. Research has found that it's not like this, but people...

            2018-12-20 254

          • Looking back on the 40-year history of beverages in China, t

            Looking back on the 40-year history of Chinese beverage development, there is always a taste of your childhood memory. For memory, the taste is often the most beautiful. The beverage you drank in childhood is still enjoyable in retrospect.Today is the June 1 children's day. Qingshan capital has compiled a brief his...

            2018-12-20 272

          • Experience the Core Value of Enterprise Website Perfectly fr

            Experience the Core Value of Enterprise Website Perfectly from Three Aspects  With the rapid development of the Internet, the development of an enterprise can not be separated from the development of the Internet. Enterprises pay attention to the construction of enterprise websites, then it will inevitably bring good r...

            2018-12-20 263

          • Five Core Elements of Website Construction

            Five Core Elements of Website Construction  In order to implement network marketing, enterprises need to make websites first. Website is composed of many Web pages, and the design of these pages directly affects whether the website can be welcomed by users. To judge the design of a homepage, we should consider it compr...

            2018-12-20 279

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